Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo, not a bamboo at all but cane cuttings of Dracaena sanderana, has swept the world in the last decade. Lucky bamboo, is native to Cameroon in equatorial West Africa. While it has the general characteristics of larger, more common dracaenas, this species only grows about 3 feet tall with finger-size stems. Lucky bamboo’s rise to stardom in the horticultural world is a sign of the multinational world we now live in. It’s a fusion of eastern mysticism, western New Age culture, good marketing savvy and the laws governing plant importation. Lucky Bamboo is considered a lucky plant in Feng Shui. Lucky bamboo is a popular houseplant. It can survive in many indoor conditions, from direct sun to indirect lighting. The water level is to either be completely changed every two weeks or added to every week. The water should be bottled water, or soft tap water with very little florine. To propagate lucky bamboo, simply make a clean cut on an existing sample and plant the cutting. The cutting will quickly root in 2-4 weeks, and will grow from there.


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